What is it? Brow Lamination or Glaze is the newest treatment for your eyebrows. It is essentially a straightening/relaxer treatment for your eyebrows, similar to a Brazilian Blowout for your hair. Some call it an eyebrow perm or keratin eyebrow treatment. The brows appear thicker, fuller, and impeccably groomed. This treatment will straighten unruly or curly eyebrow hair. I am one of the first technicians in Minnesota to offer this treatment, and I have clients who travel from all over the Twin Cities and Minneapolis area. 

The Process: The entire appointment takes about an hour. I will start by combing your hair, using a small amount of pliable glue to hold the hair in place so that the eyebrow hair is perfectly molded to lay uniform and flat in one direction. We can manipulate the shape to make the brows appear fluffy and bold, or slightly brushed to the side to create a softer look. After we have created the shape, the perming or lamination process takes place. A waving lotion is applied on to the brows for 3-7 minutes depending on the texture of the hair. Next, a neutralizing cream is applied and left on for 5-6 minutes. After the solution is rinsed off, I will trim, tint, wax, and tweeze the brows. To finish the treatment, I will apply a special conditioning treatment that is meant to be left on until you wash your face in 24 hours. 

Prep: To achieve the best results, I ask that you refrain from tweezing, waxing, or trimming your brows for at least a month. It is okay if you have tweezed a stay hair or two. You will want to take a shower right before you come in, because you can not get your eyebrows wet for 24 hours. You will also want to avoid workouts or sweating for 24 hours. Please do not use any harsh exfoliants on your brows for at least a week before the appointment such as retinol, acids, enzymes, or any physician prescribed gels or creams. 

Aftercare: Do not get the brows wet for 24 hours. I will give you a complimentary eyebrow spoolie and aftercare product to maintain the health of your brow hair. You may also want to purchase additional products such as eyebrow gel, pencils, and highlighters. 

How long does is last? Anywhere from 30-60 days depending on the growth cycle of your brow hairs. The tinting generally looks the darkest for the first 2 days due to staining of the skin, then gradually fades. 

How often can I have it done? You have to wait a minimum of 8 weeks (2 months) in between eyebrow lamination appointments. If you like to get your brows done once a month, you can still wax and tint in between lamination appointments. 

Who is an ideal candidate? Anyone who is wanting fuller, thicker, and straightened eyebrows, who have healthy eyebrow hair. The treatment is not suitable for you if you have extremely fine (cotton candy texture) eyebrows. If you are unsure if you are a candidate, you can email or text me a recent photo with no makeup on.

What is the cost and what is included? The cost is $135 and includes the lamination, the tint, the wax, and a complimentary brow spoolie and home care product. Additional costs could include gratuity and/or eyebrow makeup (gels, pencils, highlighter) if you desire.